Ron Ware Photography: Blog en-us Ron Ware Photography (Ron Ware Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Ron Ware Photography: Blog 120 80 My latest adventure... For this past Labor Day weekend 2019, I decided to take a trip to the Great Sand Dunes. The drive on Friday was uneventful and I arrived in Monte Vista in time for an excellent authentic Mexican dinner and some last minute planning for the next day.

Saturday brought sunny skies with some perfectly placed scattered cloud cover over the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range. Later in the weekend this weather pattern would provide one of my favorite photo opportunities. 

Great Sand Dunes National ParkGreat Sand Dunes National ParkThe Great Sand Dunes as seen from a nearby mountain trail. It was a perfect day to hike to a small hidden gem, the 25' high Zapata Falls. Along the way, seeing the dunes from a distant perspective was a bonus. Walking through ice cold water from the snow melt runoff was a treat on such a hot day and it made the long bumpy ride up worthwhile. After a short hike up the stream running through the narrowing rock canyon, I crouched against the stone crevasse wall trying to take in as much of the falls as my wide angle lens and the tight space would allow. 

Zapata FallsZapata FallsAt approximately 25' in height and deep inside a crevasse Zapata Falls is a hidden treat.

On Sunday as I drove toward the Dunes from the east I was rewarded with the dramatic stormy skies I always love to shoot. 

Storm & The Great Sand DunesStorm & The Great Sand DunesStorm over the Great Sand Dunes as seen from Lake Luis. And then a bit later from San Luis Lake I was able to enjoy this view across the lake with the Great Sand Dunes surrounded by the Sangre De Christo Mountain Range and covered by the lingering storm. 

Storm over the Great Sand DunesStorm over the Great Sand DunesStorm over the Great Sand Dunes Brought to you from the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

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